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Recycling for the Future

The Metal Recycling Industry has a large contribution to the future, a lot of people do not realise how much the industry contributes significantly to conserving natural resources.  Over 400 million tonnes of scrap metal is recycled in the UK every year, which all helps to protect the environment and saves energy. Reusing metal material lowers the use of natural resources. It also lowers the use of the machinery used to process the new metals found.

 Quoted from BMRA website;

 “In 2005, 13 million tonnes of metal was recycled in the UK. Around 40% of this was used in the UK, and the remaining 60% exported worldwide: the UK produces considerably more scrap than is required for domestic markets."

Ferrous Scrap:

4.6 million tonnes of iron and steel and stainless steel scrap was supplied to steelworks in the UK, and 0.9 million tonnes to UK foundries; 6.1 million tonnes was exported.

Major markets were Europe, particularly Spain, and Asia, particularly India. The worldwide market for ferrous scrap is predicted to continue its steady growth, which has averaged around 5% per annum over the past 12 years.

Non-Ferrous Metals:

Over one million tonnes was processed. Approximately 45% of this was aluminium, 31% copper, and significant quantities of nickel, brass, zinc and lead.

Non ferrous metals are traded on the London Metal Exchange, and therefore subject to volatility in commodity investments.

UK exports topped 800,000 tonnes in 2005, a 20% increase on the previous year. Europe, China and India are the main destinations.

"The UK is one of the five largest metal scrap exporting countries in the world.“

 Elliott Metal Waste Management and Recycling has a very very small proportional to play in these figures above, but we hope that our efforts can help to further the reuse of materials in this country and worldwide in the future. 

The Elliott Group of Companies recognises that the actions of its employees, its use of energy, systems and procedures may have to the environment. Therefore we must:

Make sure our staff recognise that not wasting energy can have its positive affects on the enviroment.

Do our up most to recycle as much waste as possible and keep wastage to a minimum.

Try to make round trips to keep our vehicle pollution to a minimum.

Ensure our employees and colleagues understand the impact their actions have on the environment, make sure they realise how they can play apart in conserving energy, within the work place but outside of the work place also.

Support the local community with recycling and do our best to help them understand the importance of recycling.

Make sure that there is no excess energy used, by finding the most energy saving way of recycling the waste.

Ensure our customers understand how important the metal recycling industry is to the environment.

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