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Stainless Steel Metal Recycling & Scrap Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Metal Recycling & Scrap Stainless Steel


Get a free quote for your scrap stainless steel by contacting us on 01494 758 896 or 07591 730 415

Not in a rush to get rid of it contact us via email by filling out the valuation form below.


About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be transformed from your trash into everyday useable items. Cookware, cutlery, steel-toed boots, car parts, fashionable jewellery and the ever so popular stainless steel appliances that people everywhere are installing in their homes and restaurants. You probably own and use stainless steel products every day without realizing it. Your toaster, for instance, may be stainless steel. The main benefits of stainless steel and its properties are that its corrosion, fire and heat resistant. The ease of fabricating makes stainless steel all the more fabulous. It can be shaped, moulded, cut and welded just as easily as other steels. Another great benefit is the sanitary environment it presents.


Elliott Metal Waste collect stainless steel from building sites every day, we get a large quantity of scrap stainless sinks and stainless steel items, we can pay top prices for all your stainless steels.

Stainless steel is recycled and sold to commercial quality stampers and sheet metal builders of homes and structures. Sometimes, the material may have scratches, pings and dents due to the fact that stainless steel can easily be made to order. Steel is one of the easiest products to recycle because it takes no extra time separating it because it can be melted down all at once. All shapes and sizes are easily sorted with a large magnet then transferred to a huge melting pot. Stainless steel cans, paint buckets and lids can be washed and reused without any extra effort. When recycling steel products at home there’s no additional work involved, in fact, it can all go into the same bin.

The number-one benefit of Stainless Steel is that it is 100% recyclable. Recycling centres can salvage around 60% through the manufacturing process. There are numerous things that recycled stainless steel can be used for. The major advantage is the long-life service. Once the usefulness for the metal’s time is up, then it’s back to the scrap yard to begin the recycling process once again. The best products to recycle consist of sheet metals, coils and blanks, although all stainless steel's products and scrap can be recycled.

A non-porous surface makes this easy to clean and sanitize, also making it perfect for places that require germ-free environments. Hospitals, schools, kitchens and food-processing plants make this metal the first choice due to the clean hygiene factor associated with stainless steel. Not to mention the modern look that is so desired- the sleek, elegant, shiny surfaces that are also very easy to maintain its appearance very well.

 Elliott buy all grades of stainless steel, we recycle the stainless steel fully, which means we can pay you top prices for your unwanted stainless items. Old stainless sinks, stainless drums, stainless cutlery, we will buy all types of stainless steel and other similar non ferrous metals. Stainless has the power to fight off rust meaning it is first choice for building jobs with a long life expectancy. There are many benefits for you and your world. With stainless steel, the possibilities are endless. Thank you for checking out our site. We hope to see you soon. Not to mention its ability to retain strength throughout the entire steel metal product or property, as well as being resistant to fire, corrosion and heat. Building with stainless steel is a smart investment. When this is done, it does allow for cost savings when considering the life-long durability and length of usage for the cost. We hope you will consider recycling. Recycle today and help out the future of your planet tomorrow! We buy non ferrous scrap, stainless steel non ferrous scrap metals collected all over Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, London, Surrey, Essex, Middlesex and Oxfordshire. Your local scrap metal merchants for all stainless steel, chrome steel and aluminium. We buy all grades and quantities of non ferrous metals.

 Get a free quote for your scrap stainless steel by contacting us on 01494 758 896 or 07591 730 415

Not in a rush to get rid of it contact us via email by filling out the valuation form below.


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Elliott Metal Waste Management & Recycling Collect Stainless Steel all over Hertfordshire, Bucknghamshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey and London.

Hertfordshire Areas Scrap Stainless Steel Collection Service Covers:  Abbots Langley, Adeyfield, Albury, Albury End, Aldbury, Aldenham, Amwell, Ansells End, Anstey, Apsley, Ardeley, Ashwell, Ashridge, Ashwell, Aspenden, Aston End, Astrope, Ayot Green, Ayot St Lawrence, Ayot St Peter,  Babbs Green, Bakers End, Baldock, Ballingdon Bottom, Barkway, Barley, Barleycroft End, Barkway, Batchworth, Batford, Bayford, Bayfordbury, Beane, Bedmond, Bell Bar, Belsize, Benington, Bennetts End, Berkhamsted, Birch Green, Bishop's Stortford, Borehamwood, Bourne End, Bovingdon, Bower Heath, Boxmoor, Bozen Green, Bragbury End, Bramfield, Braughing, Braughing Friars, Brent Pelham, Brickendon, Bricket Wood, Bridens Camp, Brookmans Park, Broxbourne, Buckland, Buntingford, Burnham Green, Bury Green, Bushey, Bushey Heath, Bygrave, Caldecote, Chapmore End, Charlton, Chaulden, Cherry Green, Chipperfield, Chiswell Green, Cheshunt, Chipperfield, Chorleywood, Codicote, Cold Christmas, Cole Green, Colliers End, Colney Heath, Colney Street, Cottered, Cow Roast, Croxley Green, Cuffley, Clothall, Dane End, Datchworth, Digswell, Dudswell, Eastbury, Eastwick, Elstree, Essendon, Felden, Fields End, Flamstead, Flaunden, Frithsden, Furneaux Pelham, Gaddesden Row, Gadebridge, Garston, Gilston, Goff's Oak, Gosmore, Graveley, Great Amwell, Great Gaddesden, Great Hormead, Great Munden, Great Offley, Great Wymondley, Green End, Gubblecote, Hadham Ford, Harpenden, Hastoe, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Heronsgate, Hertford, Hertford Heath, Hertingfordbury, Hexton, High Cross, High Wych, Highfield, Hinxworth, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Holwell, How Wood, Hunsdon, Hunton Bridge, Hatfield Broad Oak, Ickleford, Jersey Farm, Kelshall, Kensworth, Kelshall, Kimpton, King's Walden, Kings Langley, Kinsbourne Green, Knebworth, Langley, Langleybury, Leavesden, Lemsford, Letchmore Heath, Letchworth Garden City, Lemsford, Leverstock Green, Lilley, Little Amwell, Little Berkhamsted, Little Gaddesden, Little Hadham, Little Hormead, Little Munden, Little Offley, Little Wymondley, London Colney, Long Marston, Loudwater, Maple Cross, Markyate, Marshalswick, Micklefield Green, Mill End, Moor Park, Much Hadham, Napsbury, Napsbury Park, Nash Mills, Nasty, Nettleden, Newgate Street, Newnham, New Mill, Northaw, Northchurch, North Mymms, Northaw, Norton, Nuthampstead, Oaklands, Offley, Old Hall Green, Old Hatfield, Old Knebworth, Oxhey, Oxhey Village , Park Street, Piccotts End, Pimlico, Pirton, Potten End, Potters Bar, Preston, Puckeridge, Puttenham, Radlett, Radwell, Redbourn, Reed, Rickmansworth, Ridge, Ringshall, Roe Green, Royston, Rush Green, Rushden, Sacombe, Sacombe Green, St Albans, St Ippolyts, St Paul's Walden, St Stephens, Sandon, Sandridge, Sarratt, Sawbridgeworth, Shenley, Shenleybury, Smallford, South Mimms, South Oxhey, Spellbrook, Staines Green, Standon, Standon Green End, Stanstead Abbotts, Stanstead St Margarets, Stapleford, Stevenage, Stocking Pelham, Tewin, Therfield, Thorley, Thundridge, Tonwell, Tring, Tring Station Wadesmill, Walkern, Wallington, Walsworth, Waltham Cross, Ware, Wareside, Warner's End, Waterford, Water End, Watford, Watton-at-Stone, Welham Green, Well End Wellpond Green, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, Westmill, Weston, Westwick Row, West Hyde, Wheathampstead, Whempstead, Whitwell, Widford, Wigginton, Willian, Wilstone, Woodhall Farm, Woollensbrook, Woolmer Green, Wormley, Hertfordshire, Wyddial

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