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Scrap For Charity Buckinghamshire

Scrap For Charity Buckinghamshire

Scrap for Charity - Metal Waste Charity Donatation Service - Instant Payment!


Elliott Metal Waste Management and Recycling based in Hertfordshire can donate your unwanted metals to charity, we weight it and you tell us which charity, we can donate the whole amount or half to your chosen charity, you will receive a reciept from the charity to thank you for your donation.

Elliott Metal Waste are calling it Scrap 4 Charity, the easiest and best way to donate scrap Metal to charity, Scrap to your chosen charity, donate your old metal to charity. Scrap 4 Charity is our new service where you can simply turn your scrap metals or scrap car into a donation for a charity of your choice. Elliott Metal waste can turn your old car into cash for any UK charity. We arrange free collection, scrap it with the proceeds raised going to your charity.

Give your scrap cars and scrap vehicles to your chosen charity, or just give half the value, you decide. We can pay charities instantly for your scrap car.

 Scrap Metal fundraising for your charity, we raise thousands of pounds for charities every year, we hope to raise thousands more but we can't do it without your help.


Your charity want to recieve donations for their metal? Contact us to be added to our list of local charities for our customers to choose.


Charity Scrap Metal Collection Buckinghamshire Tel: 01494 758 896 Scrap Metal Collected For Chairty & Charity Scrap Metal Collection throughout Buckinghamshire.


Portable scales and trucks to collect scrap metal from site and we can pay for scrap metals collected and recycled. Same day payment service offered to all charities.

Elliott Waste Management can do collection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, all collected from you throughout Buckinghamshire.

 One of the team can sit down and discuss with you ways in which, you and your business can get the most out of your metal recycling.

 Ways to store your metal safely and securely, avoiding any pollution or danger to passers-by.

Scrap lead collected throughout Buckinghamshire, scrap lead valuation give to your choosen charities. Top prices paid for all metal paid instantly to local charity.

With a range of services there is always a way that Elliott can help you with your metal waste management advice.

Scrap steel collected throughout Buckingshire, scrap steel valuation give to your choosen charities. Top prices paid for all metal paid instantly to local charity.

At Elliott recycling we provide waste management and waste collection services which include a scrap metal collection service.

Scrap copper and brass collected throughout Buckinghamshire, scrap copper and brass valuation give to your choosen charities. Top prices paid for all metal paid instantly to local charity.

Our waste machinery and picking staff separate all metals from other waste and then separate steel, copper and aluminium ready for transport to our preferred metal processing partners.

The steel, copper and aluminium is then recycled into new metal for use in manufacturing and construction. Almost all metals can be recycled, one the process is complete the metal reverts back to being a high quality new metal. The process for recycling each metal varies according to the metal type.

Our Charity Scrap Metal Collection & Recycling Services

We offer competitive prices for scrap and clean metal collection services throughout Greater London, London,  Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Berkshire.

Contact us on 01494 758896 for more information on our scrap metal collection and recycling services

Types of Metals Collected:

Copper, Copper Cables, Copper Braziery, Copper Rads, braziery copper, dirty copper, copper and brass pipe, scrap clean copper pipe, Aluminium, Lead, Brass, Electric Cables, Household Cables, Bright Copper, Copper Cylinders, Copper Water Tanks, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Tin, All Non Ferrous Metals, Car Batteries, Alloy metal, alloy wheels, alloy rims, light iron, mixed iron, mixed steel, heavy iron, heavy steel, Aluminium Radiators, Electrical Metal, Electrical appliances, gold and silver.

Scrap cars collected throughout Buckinghamshire, scrap car valuation give to your choosen charities.Top prices paid for all metal paid instantly to local charity.

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We weigh, you choose, we pay, they thank!


Contact us today to find out how we can donate your unwanted metals to your local or chosen charity.

Tel: 01494 758896

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